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Special offers.

The “Special Offers” page offers our customers the opportunity to purchase new watches at a reduced price.

These watches are demonstration models, used during exhibitions, photo shoots or presentations by our representatives. Although these watches have never been worn, they may have slight marks due to their use as exhibition models.

As a watchmaker, we are committed to offering the highest quality products to our customers. That’s why we can’t sell watches that don’t meet our strict standards, even if the brands are light. However, we understand that some customers may be interested in purchasing these demo models at a reduced price.

As a result, we offer these demo watches at a discounted price, giving our customers the opportunity to acquire high-quality timepieces at an attractive price. However, to know which models are available, it is necessary to contact us via the Contact tab of our website.

You will always benefit from the quality and know-how of our company.